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Do you require a PA system?

There are two options: you can supply a quality sound system with a suitable input for my radio mic receiver to be plugged in. Alternatively I can also supply my own sound system if required

How much to do you charge?

fees depends on whereabouts in the country you are, what type of venue is and even what day of the week it is on so the best thing is to make contact prices are always kept competitive. You can drop me an email via the contact form - or give me a ring - the phone number is on the mind reader contact

Should I create a list of volunteers for the show?

No. The audience members who volunteer must be entirely self selecting, only people that at that moment want to join in are suitable for the show, these matters will be covered in Gary's introductory talk.

How long is a show?

Gary can perform shows of varying lengths from 10 minutes to an a full hour show. Full presentations for corporate clients featuring a host of mind-based demonstrations are a speciality.

What sort of venue or environment works best?

Shows can also be performed in more intimate setting such as domestic's or parlour environments as well as close up or wandering performances.

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