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Mind Reading As Entertainment

Gary’s mind reading show is suitable for a wide variety of entertainment needs. For corporate entertainment a full cabaret show can be performed. A show that includes some amazing demonstrations of mind reading with members of the audience. The show is suitable for the larger or smaller crowds.
Close up mentalism is another of Gary’s specialities. Guests love having their minds read and their fortunes told. Whether performing at a wedding or as an after dinner speaker. Using his skills Gary really does know what you are thinking. Mind readers are the new magicians in the world of close up entertainment. Using Tarot cards instead of playing cards…
If you have any event planned from a club night, a corporate event or an after dinner party - get the the most amazing entertainment for your event - completely unique and totally memorable entertainment.

"How I Learned To Read Minds and Influence People"

This is a one hour talk that describes how Gary became a mentalist and is the result of five years of intensive research. He will demonstrate the three classic techniques of mentalism: influence, mind reading and prediction.

Gary begins the talk by describing the basic approaches and then demonstrates them one after the other. He begins by showing how people's behaviour can be influenced covertly without them being aware. He then demonstrates the more mysterious area of "mind reading". People are asked to think of absent friends or significant dates in their lives, and after a few moments concentration Gary will tell them exactly who and what they are thinking of. "Prediction" is the next demonstration where a random series of events and behaviours are shown to have been accurately predicted the day before. The final demonstration is the classic "Q&A" performance. Members of the audience are asked think of personal questions, Gary is able to identify and answer these questions with complete accuracy, and not only will he answer your questions but he will also divulge information - such as the name of the person you first kissed, the names of your parents, activities you are planning or even the name of childhood pets. Information there is no way on earth he could know. This is the skill that made the reputation of psychics and seers for generations - and now you have the chance to have YOUR questions answered!

The hour long talk is packed with amazing and inexplicable happenings that will leave the audience in a state of wonder an unforgettable experience. To book your own performance of "How I Learned To Read Minds And Influence People" or for more information simply click here: